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Early years, as seen in 1/43 scale

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David H
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   Does anyone else like models of the earliest automobiles?  Those of the years around 1900 or maybe even older?  Maybe not, because there were still potential collectors around who had faint memories of these early days when modern 1/43 models started production.  Just take a look and think: Who decided just what a car was supposed to look like?    Like these, all looking for an answer?

IMG 4651
IMG 4649 (2)

The De Dion above makes the next one look almost modern.

IMG 4638

Sometimes that "year" is hard to find.  Look at this light delivery truck and somewhere in the list ofOldsmobile's origins there must be a place    (I think).

IMG 4641

1864: Ransom E. Olds is born in Geneva, Ohio. His family moves to Lansing when he is 16.

1887: R.E. Olds develops a steam-powered car.

1893: Olds’ steam-powered car becomes the first American car sold abroad – but the ship sinks on the way to India and the car is lost.

1896: Olds builds a gas-powered car and starts motoring around Lansing.

1897: Olds and Lansing business people start the Olds Motor Vehicle Co. and build four cars. The Lansing-based manufacturer is the first company organized specifically to produce cars in quantity.

1899: Olds’ second company, Olds Motor Works, moves to Detroit.

1900: The Oldsmobile name is first used.

1901: Detroit plants are destroyed by fire and Olds returns to Lansing.

1905: The Curved Dash Oldsmobile is immortalized by the song “In My Merry Oldsmobile.”

1908: Oldsmobile joins the newly organized General Motors Co. as one of its first two operating divisions. The other is Buick.


Does a car have to have 4 wheels plus a steering wheel?  Here's one that doesn't, and it's from the 1800's (just barely).

IMG 4646 (2)

I wonder if this is the origin of the term "back seat driver"?


Does anyone else have examples?  Most of mine are from the early and simplified years of 1/43 models.

                  David H Nerd  

Karl Schnelle
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I love your driver on the De Dion Bouton!  You really need Armstrong steering for that thing!

It's a little modern but here is a 1910 Alfa (also by Rio):

Rio Alfa 1910

And a 1906 Itala also by that famous Italian company...

Rio Itala 1906

 And a 1903 Renault (by Brumm of Italy):

BRUMM 1903 Renault 40 HP

Harv Goranson
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A while back I showed these on this forum, all pre-1905.

Cars 1885 1905

Since that photo I added the AutoCult Lohner-Porsche of 1900, an electric car:

AutoCult 01000 Lohner Porsche 1900 pic1
AutoCult 01000 Lohner Porsche 1900 pic2

Not making the group show are my EMC 1903 Cadillacs and the VDM 1905 Cadillac Oseola:

VDM Cadillac Osceola pic1

I could have gone back further I suppose....

Brumm X1

And don't get me started on race cars!

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