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From My Collection... A Look at the 30s... continuing

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John Merritt
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I have assembled many of my 1930s models for new photos. As with my newest sets of photos, the background is the same, which I have a reason for that. I will explain more if the project works out.

Anyway, I will continue to post them as they are taken and finished. My intention was to follow chronological postings, but then this gem arrived, and I couldn't wait to share it.

The newest release from the Brooklin factory is this wonderful model. I learned that it was coming when I visited the NC Center in 2021, I was very pleased when it became available last December. I wasted no time in placing an order. Now, I already have this model (actually 2 of them) already, but that did not stop me from this purchase. More on the other two later. 

I am very, very pleased with this model, its slightly darker hue than the 1st release and now looks to be a perfect match for the 1:1 

Other than a '37 pickup I have seen in 1:1 form, I had never seen a coupe or sedan prior to my visit to the NB Center in 2021, after the '46 Pontiac, this was the car I was the most mystified by. Since the cars displayed were available for guests to explore, I took the opportunity to sit in this very fine '37 Coupe (I actually took the opportunity several times-LOL!)  

I have had a '37 Studebaker Coupe in my model collection for several years now, as the Danbury Mint issued one in 1:24 scale in 2007. They were to issue one in Grapetone Maroon as well but closed their diecast business before it was made available. With this gem, I now have one in this great color.

1937 Studebaker Dictator Business Coupe, NBC 06

1937 Studebaker Busines Cpe NB0
1937 Studebaker Busines Cpe NB1
1937 Studebaker Busines Cpe NB4
1937 Studebaker Busines Cpe NB5
1937 Studebaker Busines Cpe NB6
1937 Studebaker Busines Cpe NB7

just for reference, here's the one in 1:24 for comparison

1937 Studebaker Dictator Cpe 01


John Merritt
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Jack Dodds
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I just love the lines of this Studebaker.  The color and blackwall tires really add to its look as well.

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Steve Williams
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If this is an example of the new Brooklin's then much of my past detailing work needn't to have been done. Beautiful Studebaker - Bravo Brooklin! I especially love the 1937 truck, what with that beautiful nose & low truck bed.

Another Brooklin Studebaker which received some detailing.

IMG 2569


And the pretty red truck in 1/24th scale.

IMG 2571

Models = Miracles in miniature = Holding History in ones hand
Cheers and Happy Collecting,

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Ed Davis
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That new NB Center Studebaker looks good. From what I have seen, Brooklin has done a great job with the NB Center models.

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Ed Davis
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