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From My Collection... Monday 3/06/23 - Post 5

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John Merritt
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My last post for this evening needs a little help. I've recently made several purchases from Jack Dodds in the last few months. Included in those buys was this 1948 Austin Atlantic A90 Convertible Coupe (closed). Now I know what I bought in that one, as it is the 2006 Lansdowne Collector's Club Edition, a LE 1 of 130.

The 2nd model shown (an open convertible) was identified by the eBay seller as the same thing and came in a box labeled exactly the same as the closed version. The problem I have is I can't find any info about the model. So, was it issued as seen by Brooklin? Or has it been modified at some point from a closed version to the open one in the photos? 

Either way, I am very pleased to have an example of each along with the cream and red versions too (also from Jack) These cars really fascinate me, they are so "American" in nature so I can't help it.

1948 Austin Atl A90 Conv P1
1948 Austin Atl A90 Conv P2
1948 Austin Atl A90 Conv P3
1948 Austin Atl A90 Conv P4

Does anyone know anything about the open convertible? 

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

David Green
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Impressive looking models John. Jack Dodds has parted with some impressive models but I fully understand why he needs to adjust his collection. It is something we all need to do as we age and interests are reevaluated. Great to see these going to another respected collector.

I have seen this open version before and assumed that it was a Lansdowne Club model at the time. The licence plate from the LCC showing 2006 indicates it was produced for them. I thought that it was accompanied with a certificate but my memory might be faulty on that point.

Karl Schnelle
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Only a top up is shown in the archive at

Maybe there is a green or red one with a top up somewhere?  😉 Did you ask the Lansdowne Facebook group?

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