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Groucho sent me

Moe Parr
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To add this beautiful DeSoto to my collection!

20210908 133045
20210908 133220
20210908 133139

 And here it is following behind its slightly more affluent cousin:

20210908 133818


Mike DeTorrice
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Delightful and delovely !

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Gorgeous model. Who makes it?

Rick Thompson
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@ptc Both were made by Brooklin---the Adventurer (BRK 82) was available from 2000 to 2006, and the Chrysler 300E (BRK 41) from 1993 to 2000.  The Chrysler was also available later in red and in black with a tan raised convertible top.

Bob Jackman
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Have both, love both.

David Holcombe
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Good looking DeSotos, Moe.  (I wonder what the correct plural of "DeSoto" is!)   Yours reminded me to look at and then take down this one:

IMG 1966
IMG 1968

One more quick shot, using our fading evening sunshine to get a better view of the gold:

IMG 1972
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John Kuvakas
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John Kuvakas
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John Quilter
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@rick-thompson  Keep in mind that the black 1959 Desoto Adventurer was also done by Western Models long ago.  Here is one I converted from a kit into a four door hardtop shown with other Mopar 1959 4 door hardtops.

1959 Mopar 4 dr HT X4 #3
1959 Mopar 4 dr HT X4  #1 (2)

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA