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Holy Toledo! More Willys vehicles by Model Mint and one by Brooklin.,

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David Knight
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Some years ago US Model Mint produced a nice ‘49 Willys pickup truck offered in two colors, Brown Poly and Universal Beige, both of which I have in my fleet. In addition I have one done in a period correct dark green by John Roberts.

9FDDA586 A55D 429B A5AF B270B496AC85
968683BE 28AB 4013 9D36 3543F2D9D207
2D2988F1 4F74 4411 81E3 7AA2598C458C
A5C7BE48 2E67 4651 B5D2 818D5719E880
C2733BC2 327F 4FDC 94E7 99AE8FEEAAD4
350234E5 8398 4369 B81A 20A1C1396E9A
F57FEDD2 D355 492A AF77 B19F84DDE41E
350B50F0 2694 4586 9EA4 B85A97111519
4CA6A428 D961 4193 9DBE 5ADA69070D77
5B8336E9 23F6 44DB B2FC 6332434CD976
3BF67EF4 CA9B 4FC3 A525 2247881C6E31


And this one by John Roberts done in 2007

699485EE CD1A 4219 814E 0BA29E438165
F027534C AF01 4002 998D 2E8C40DC91E7
5BEC78CE 3C2F 48B9 94D2 02E3125AAC85
32801449 4004 4F26 94C5 44A15B7DB5EE
CA1DF347 189C 473D B89D 01FEB173E228


Then there are these Jeepsters, a US Model Mint in Sportsman Green and a Brooklin derived from the US Model Mint in red.

714A134A 742E 4369 BC80 7776514F8E89
07844177 37D6 44DE 8152 94A282854A40
06F92531 9317 4E47 9760 8C0B3FA9D013
BC1FF6A8 5A01 462F A49B B22966352709
FBE2BF74 CB8F 4E67 9F0D 8C9F22F6682A



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John Quilter
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And the Tintin version in commercial livery and with interior figures.  I suppose it could be improved if I painted the tires black which I have done on other Tintin items.


1952 Willys wagon #1
1952 Willys wagon #2

John F. Quilter
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David H
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  I really like this Jeep coverage, and I thank David for starting it.  So I'm coming along with John and adding to this "Jeeporama."


First, that great BRK 161a in yellow:  Doesn't every Jeep driver have a blonde alongside?

IMG 8467

 And a mystery "Jeep Surrey" with only that name and "1/43" on the bottom.  I'm sure the packaging is back in the storage room somewhere.

IMG 8470
IMG 8471
IMG 8472

(later) Found the Jeep Surrey for sale, identified this way: Greenlight 1/43 Scale 86472 - Elvis 1960 Jeep Surrey CJ3B

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