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Kess Buick Flat tops outside their boxes

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Mike Coupe
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Here's a super new model from Kess; the '59 Buick Electra 225, one in red and one in blue, although Kess describe it as green. Both have white tops. I don't know what the actual colours are. Any suggestions?

Matrix have also released their 1969 Jaguar 420G Convertible by Car Classics of Coventry. Again, one blue, one red, both with cream interiors. Another stylish design from Jaguar.

Kess Buick Electra Red F2
Kess Buick Electra Red F3
Kess Buick Electra Red R3
Kess Buick Electra Red R2
Kess Buick Electra Blue F2
Kess Buick Electra Blue F3
Kess Buick Electra Blue R3
Kess Buick Electra Blue R2
MX Jaguar 420G Red F3
MX Jaguar 420G Red F2
MX Jaguar 420G Red R
MX Jaguar 420G Red R3
MX Jaguar 420G Red R2
MX Jaguar 420G Blue F
MX Jaguar 420G Blue F2
MX Jaguar 420G Blue F3
MX Jaguar 420G Blue R2
MX Jaguar 420G Blue R



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Brian Laurance
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Mike, the '59 Buicks are as follows:

Tampico Red / Arctic White

Turquoise / Arctic White  

With regard to the Turquoise car, the color is a little hard to determine from the photos.  The color might possibly be Glacier Green, but there is clearly some blue in the color, causing me to think that it is Turquoise.

I have the Turquoise / Arctic White model on order, and hope to receive it next week.  Thank you for the great photos.

It will be interesting to compare these '59 Electra 225's to the WMCE '59 Electra 225's that Buz offered a few years ago.


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Mike Coupe
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@brian-laurance To me, its more blue than green, but it is a greeny blue, or  bluey green which ever way you look at it. Thank  you for the compliment on the photos.