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Sergio posted an article on his Facebook page from La Nacion, a daily newspaper in Argentina. It’s a profile of two collectors, including Sergio. Of course, it’s all in Spanish, but here’s an English translation (of sorts)…

The Argentine of the Guinness double record for his collection of miniature cars

They express a passion for cars, but at scale; what the world of collectors is like, the most sought-after models and the characteristics that "do not negotiate" of each one to add it to their list.

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They are small treasures. Invaluable. Full of history. They shape a gigantic parking lot that, paradoxically, fits in a room. None of them move. Although they remain in the same place, despite their stillness they convey memories. They are miniature cars, a very particular way of expressing the passion for irons.

Nostalgia goes out into the street and walks magical paths. Classic, historic, sports cars, famous for their appearance in unforgettable films, trucks, trucks... They all have their charm. Collecting scale cars is a captivating hobby.

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"Most collectors dedicate ourselves to this to recover part of their childhood. It's a way to try to get what we had as children," explains Jorge, whom in Rivadavia Park they know as Paiyon, the Uruguayan.

Jorge has a collection of 1500 cars. But it is not limited to that category, since it has figurines from the most varied periods and everyone knows the buying and selling position that he has occupied for 22 years in that portion of the City of Buenos Aires.

Jorge's collection began with a 1975 Pontiac Firebird manufactured by Matchbox. And the most valuable is a Batmobile of the Corgi Toys brand from 1966 in its original box.

Here a couple of decisive questions arise for any collector. The company that created the car is of vital importance, because that guarantees the care of the details, a highly appreciated condition.

Matchbox, Corgi Toys, Majorette, Maisto, Kinsmart, Italeri, Hot Wheels, Herpa, Guiloy, GMP, Eligor, Bburago, Brooklin Models Ltd, Greenlight, Ixo, Jada Toys, MR Collection models, Norev, Norscot, Otto Models, Sun Star and the national Bubby are some of

Another non-negotiable point is that each piece is in its original box. This situation brings the value of these tiny works of art to a higher level.

At this point, it should be noted that the most popular manufacturing system is Diecast, which is characterized by metal construction - zinc in lead alloy - through pressure molding with plastic inlays.

There are also the most sought-after scales by fans. The favorites are 1:43 and 1:18 because, with a length of between 9 and 11 centimeters, they allow to ensure that the details are respected as much as possible. They follow him in order of preference 1:24 and 1:32 and, thanks to Hot Wheels and Matchbox, interest in 1:64 has grown.

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Jorge has a strong devotion to the classics of the 1950s and nationals. While many of his colleagues lose sleep due to reproductions of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, the 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air and the Citroën DS, he points the other way: "Not everyone has the same tastes, but here in Argentina many of us choose different models of Ford and Chevrolet."

Guinness double record

Sergio Goldvarg is a 65-year-old architect who left Argentina driven by the 2001 crisis. He settled in the United States, in South Florida. He has the privilege of having been included twice in the Guinness Book of Record for his collection of scale cars.

The first appearance was in 2005, when it had 7,000 cars, and repeated that compliment in 2009, already with 12,000 models. Today, its impressive showcases house more than 18,000 vehicles, spread over two scales - 1:43 and 1:18 - and in Formula 1 cars, Sport Prototype, rally, historical models, pumps and buses from all over the world.


"I felt an instant love for toy cars, especially Matchbox models," he says. It all started in 1962 - at the age of 5 - with a Matchbox Merryweather Marquis fire truck that is still in perfect condition and in its original box.

"My collection really became a passion when I turned 6 and, with 300 Matchbox models, my parents gave me a Jaguar D Type 1:43 scale, manufactured in France by Solido. Then, the hobby that never stopped was born," he says with enthusiasm.

He quickly found his first job linked to his hobby: "I was barely 10 years old when I came up with an interesting idea: to put ads by offering to buy miniature models of used collector cars. I restored each of those models and offered them in businesses in my neighborhood. That was my strategy and I soon earned enough money to buy my own toys and collectibles."

In 1980 he worked as a journalist for Corsa and Parabrisas magazines, in which he wrote the first notes dedicated to scale cars. A year later he graduated as an architect and was a consultant to Buby, where he was involved in the design of Mini-Buby models such as the Renault 12, Renault 18 and Chevrolet trucks.

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The love of cars led him to found the first 1:43 scale car factory on white metal in South America. The Goldvarg Collection was born in 1988. "I was always looking for cars that I loved, but that were never made to scale," he recalls. That desire is perceived in the inscription that all their products carry: "From a collector, to collectors."

His first creation was an Oldsmobile Starfire 1957. He traveled to California and sold 100 units. In the United States, France, Germany and the Netherlands, their products began to gain ground. The 1951 Chrysler Imperial and the 1946 Chevrolet appeared. "A turning point in his production was my Kaiser Henry J. The demand was overwhelming. The audience went crazy and loved it," he says proudly.

Years went by and artisanal production did not stop. Based in Florida, he continues to create and add models: "I continue to collect scale cars with the same passion as when I started more than 50 years ago."

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Thanks for posting this Randy. I had the opportunity to speak with Sergio at length at the Countryside show and he told me his collection now numbers 22,000 pieces.

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Thanks for this interesting post on Sergio, Randy. He is an interesting person who I admire. I bought several of his Goldvarg Argentina pieces and often wondered what drove him to leave and go to the USA.

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Very interesting.  I have done business with Jorge, a super guy.  He invited me to visit him in Buenos Aires to see his amazing collections.  Argentina is on my bucket list to visit so hopefully I will meet him in person someday.

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