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Re-building an older Ford Woody, 1946

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David H
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I'm not sure just how and when this older Provence Moulage came into my collection, but it has been tired for several years. So I started work on it.

IMG 8520
IMG 8521
IMG 8526
IMG 8519

It had broken bumpers as well as other problems.  I had an AMT Ford coupe for parts, if needed and if they worked. I used two tires and both bumpers (after drilling new holes). The original license tag was re-attached.

IMG 8528
IMG 8530
IMG 8562
IMG 8567
IMG 8566
IMG 8573
IMG 8571

This morning I affixed the bumpers and this afternoon I used chrome stripping on the sides.  I kind of like the results.

IMG 8575
IMG 8577
IMG 8579
IMG 8583

And just a little while ago I ordered a complete AMT Ford coupe kit;  but I'm hanging on to the parts I have - just in case.  That will be a project for another day!  

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Bob Jackman
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Looks great David.

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David Knight
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David, what a great job you have done restoring that ‘46 Ford Woody. Beautiful wood effect. Your setting the car in what looks like a mountain scene is very realistic.  It must be very satisfying to restore a model with such good results.

David Knight
Richmond, Virginia. USA

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Just a wonderful re-work. Excellent choice of the yellow color.

David Green
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You are a busy guy David. Lots of projects. I really like this 46 Woodie. You have done a great job.