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Solido 1950 Chev- Diamond in the Ruff

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Ken Spear
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The Solido 1950 Chev 4 dr sedan can be found any day on Ebay for under $20. I have even seen them under $10.I picked one up very cheap and decided to detail it by adding a dark gray roof, Bare Metal Foil, side vents on all 4 windows and licence plates. This Solido has a lot of potential. Here's how it turned out.

IMG 0012
IMG 0029

My next project is a Brooklin 1953 Ford turned into a 2 dr htp with a glass half roof as well as a 1959 Desoto 2 dr htp with wire wheels.

IMG 0013
IMG 0020
1959 desoto firedome sportsman

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Frank Reed
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Here is my 50 unadorned Solido.  Your detailing is excellent. 👀

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And next to a much more expensive 

51 Chevrolet convertible Thistle Grey (Motor City USA Models)

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Frank Reed
Chesapeake, VA

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John Quilter
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Those Solido 1950 Chevrolets were great donor cars for a number of variations I did over the years. Top clockwise:   stock fire chief car, Belair convertible, Kagar transkit tin woody, stock sedan, sedan delivery, business coupe.

1950 Chevrolet X6 #1

Belair convertible, Belair hardtop,  business coupe.

1950 Chevrolet X3 #1

Now if some diecast model maker would do the 1950-52 Plymouths I would have a whole new group to produce. 

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

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renato bardi
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Captura web 8 9 2022 19305
Captura web 8 9 2022 193044
Captura web 8 9 2022 193028

Mine still not finished 

Ed Davis
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All of the above, nice work.

Ed Davis
Inverness, Illinois, USA

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