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Something rare- the 1952 Cunningham C-3

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Save for a collection of Tuckers and a Pierce Arrow, most of my collection consists of cars commonly seen on the streets. Here is one, however one of which only 29 copies were made, the 1952 Cunningham C-3. What Cunningham did was to make an arrangement with Vignale of Italy to build the bodies in his West Palm Beach factory. In concourse condition one of these cars could be in your garage for a lofty $1,450,000.  Some  years ago Brooklin produced a Cunningham, first in Metallic Red and then a bit later in Blue and white. 

DCC68A16 DFDE 4027 A5D0 57374C79296B
375B1E31 5262 45F1 B485 6D9C6E86E103
4588AF37 F940 4F42 AAF6 45A8340D9FD4
4DCAFBAE 24F2 40CF A9DE C15FE41259C5
8B4B6ED7 90A8 4FDE BD4F DE2C609B1427
AC841BAF B90F 429F 90B5 37CF2E9C16DD
7C2C62AD 4E3A 4E9B 8E8C EC1F29369D35
AC9C6FA5 BE05 423C 8178 C8A2AF6D4D1E
C7A7E50C 8548 4BD5 AA6C 4EE47F5EE780
538A593A CE8C 456F A4D8 A9F03C54375A


Here it is in Metallic Red available on the internet.  Rarely, these Brooklin Cunningham C-3 models become available.

6C6028F3 2924 4BE5 BEA8 8D66EB37BB2E


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You got me! I thought I was looking at nothing but 1:1 cars.  FABULOUS pics David. 😎 

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Beautiful! 😍 

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