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The little folks around my 1/43 models?

David Holcombe
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  Some have commented on the small figures that show up with some of my 1/43 models.  This afternoon I was modifying a couple to fit in the front seats of my in-progress project (more about that on a future day, I hope), and that led me to look around for something more appropriate.  Between my junky work shop and my over-crowded storage closet, here's some of what I was looking through:

IMG 1977
IMG 1980
IMG 1981
IMG 1983

   There are several firms that make these figures, both metal and plastic, varying in scale (I prefer 1/43 to 1/48), painted and unpainted, and so forth.  Some are not inexpensive (Arttista comes to mind), but those characterizations are more complex than the "50 for $5" groupings from China.  The last are great for alteration, and two of those are what I am modifying for a model right now.  I most often find these figures on eBay.   

   Just thought someone might have a little interest.  Enjoy!

                                                                                      David H  Smile  

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Bob Jackman
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David you have a fabulous collection of little people and I love seeing them with your car models.

David Green
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Great selection David. I like the idea of cut and paste to shape the little people for sitting etc.

John Kuvakas
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Don't they get hurt rattling around in that box?

John Kuvakas
Warrenton, VA

Frank Reed
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Posted by: @jkuvakas

Don't they get hurt rattling around in that box?

Not to mention social distancing.

Frank Reed
Chesapeake, VA

John Quilter
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I learned from you that gluing them to clear plastic base makes them display and photograph much better that the fender washer I was using before.

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA