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Collectors Classics 1953 Ford

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20210910 094241[62451]
20210910 094313[62455]
20210910 094225[62449]
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Frank Reed
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Charming model.

 54 Mercury (Buby) (Argentina)

49C2402D 2EF3 4788 B9A5 3742B1A9C3BF
1A2E0D89 539D 41E5 A205 873633223EE5


Frank Reed
Chesapeake, VA

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David H
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Two good examples!  Thank you, Galen & Frank.  The Collector's Classics series was a very helpful to me when I discovered it.   It marked my move from Ertl and Solido into more detailed and finished scale models.  I posted my '56 DeSoto just yesterday, I believe.   Good posts!

         David H


John Quilter
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I needed a sedan version of one of these to go with my Sun Valley and convertible so made one up.  And now there is the Brooklin station wagon as well.

1954 Mercury sedan #1
1954 Mercury group #4


John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

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Harv Goranson
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And here's the pace car.

CC 2 1953 Ford Pace Car