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Three Alfa Romeos by Brooklin

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Karl Schnelle
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I've had the 3rd 1/43 Alfa for a few months now and was hoping there would be a 4th!  The first three came out in rapid succession with the next one being announced before the previous one was on the market!  I wonder if Brexit or the formation of Stellantis changed their direction.  I hope FCA Heritage continues and more will be made in the future.

Here are the 3 that came out.

8C 2900 B -

TZ2 -

Giulietta Spider - coming soon and 'Unboxing' by John:


Three Brooklin Alfas boxed
Three Brooklin Alfas 3
Three Brooklin Alfas 2
Three Brooklin Alfas 4
Three Brooklin Alfas 1


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David Green
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The Italian connection is resulting in some fine Brooklin Alfas, quite different to their traditional fare. These are really nice. Thanks for posting Karl.

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