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Two more bubble cars

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Karl Schnelle
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OK, so I recently compared an old Corgi diecast to a new resin Matrix, using the Alfa P33 concept car, but now that microcars are being discussed, I got out my old Corgi Toys Heinkel bubble car (1962-1972).  Can this really be 60 years old this year???  Mine is an early red one and saw some play time on my carpet roadways. 

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I compare it to the Electric Egg (L’Oeuf Electrique) - white metal from SMTS England for MMA in Australia.  Thanks to Harvey for acquiring it for me and others here! I had to have it since I saw the real one in Indianapolis at the IMA design exhibit. A great background description is available on their website at (or on their Facebook page).

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The Egg (1/43) is even smaller than the Heinkel (Van Cleemput, 2001, reports it is 1:40 scale).  However, the Egg has more heft to it with its very small portion made in white metal.  With so much glass (plexiglass), its hard to believe the little Egg is heavier!  The new Egg has so much more minute details built in, that it is a clear winner over the Corgi for accuracy, but the Corgi still has its charm.  I am glad I have both.

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@karl Loving your old v new comparisons. Keep 'em coming.

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