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Unique British and Spanish truck by Altaya

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John Quilter
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This is a Spanish part works item, a SAVA truck known in the UK as an FG.  It had unusual angled doors that allowed them to open in close quarters and had low curved front windows to aid maneuverability.  First launched by British Motor Corporation in the early '60s and it continued in various sizes,  weight limits and forms until the early '80s.  Badged over these years as a Morris,  Austin, BMC,  Leyland and for this Spanish produced one, a SAVA,  which who produced some British trucks and vans in Spain.   Often seen with various load bodies,  flat beds, vans and small moving vans. 

1963 BMC FG #1
1963 BMC FG #3
1963 BMC FG #2

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

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Karl Schnelle
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@keko-romero  --  Did John beat you to this one?  😉 Nice cab design on that one - very unusual!

Keko Romero
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Great to see an Spanish truck in a USA modelcars collection. Sava manufactured under license in Spain several British little trucks and Berliet big trucks. Later it was acquired by Pegaso-Enasa. Here are some Sava's in my collection...

John's Sava wears the colors from the MOPU, the Spanish Ministery of Transport and Public Works. In this concrete sample, it's a vehicle used in the road maintenance. It's being sold in a partwork collection sold by Salvat editions dedicated to service and delivery classic Spanish vehicles. Here is a link to the collection where you can see all models included...


Here are some Sava's in my collection...



Keko Romero Sánchez
Cádiz, Spain

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