Happy New Year 2023
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Happy New Year 2023

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Chris Sweetman
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Whatever the journey and through any terrain this veteran Landy is at home. Looking a bit worse for wear but still working hard. Carrying all one needs for a long overland haul to somewhere amazing in 2023.

Matchbox built their models to last and this one is over 50 years old. Looks like it has had a great life providing enjoyment to kids for many years. Now retired from being played with and living out its remaining years in a collection. When new it was current from 1965-1969.

This Land-Rover Safari was a real bargain in 2022 bought for a £1 from an antique fair.

Robin Hood County
Nottinghamshire England UK

David Green
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Happy New Year Chris.

Your post has reminded me that I never covered the 12B and 12C Lesney Matchbox Land Rover models back when I started the early Matchbox series postings.

I must do that soon.