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This blast from the past just appeared on my iCloud. Years ago I sold my years long collection of Matchbox to concentrate on Danbury Mint models. My collection wasn’t huge, but I only obtained near mint or better, the quality vs quantity approach. I had six shelf units 2’ x 3’, plus some Yesteryears across the top. I wish I would have kept the photos, fun to look at, kind of sad too because I miss them.

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Jack Dodds
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There is just something about these little treasures that maintains such a strong attachment.  I can't imagine parting with mine.

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Christopher Moroni
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Excellent quality MB collection, if any other pics re-surface please share.

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Ed Davis
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I understand about thinking of models you sold.  As my interests changed over the years, I did sell some models, a few of which I still miss. However, there is only so much stuff one can display.  Enjoy what you have and look forward to things you might want to purchase in the future.

Ed Davis
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David Green
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Very nice selection in that one photograph Kevins. I still have nearly all of these but like you, I have sold parts of my collection many times as my interests modified or changed, sometimes with regret. If you recover more images, please share.
I just watched an episode on TV last night called Searching for Toys, about Vectis auctions in the UK. That combine at the bottom of your picture sold for 70 pounds, a record high.