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A curiosity, an historical hill climber (almost)

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Here's a strange old toy that I recently came across.

IMG 9172
IMG 9175

And underneath that body:

IMG 9177

Okay, it's not diecast.  It seems to be made of pressed steel.  No names, little paint remaining, and a distinctive drive wheel mechanism.  So far I have found a pretty good possibility of its origin.

Dayton Friction Toy Works, founded in Ohio, 1909-1935. Involved in a long series of patent struggles with other companies of that area, all making variations of hill climbers with flywheel drive mechanisms. The boats were not hill climbers but were "wave riders," it seems. Constructed of pressed steel, not tin. Inspired, perhaps, by the "USS Maine."

Just a curiosity that I've been having fun with. This seems to be a smaller version of that battleship.

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