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Audi A7L and the Chinese market

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John Kuvakas
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Frank Kocour
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BEautiful car.

Jack Dodds
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It is an attractive and quality car for sure but its styling, like so many other new cars, is quite generic looking.  It just doesn't excite me visually, mainly for this reason.  It occurred to me that you could put, for example, Mazda or Nissan emblems on it ( a car worth about 70% of the Audi price) and I'll bet most people wouldn't give it a second look.

David Green
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I'm a fan of Audis having owned an A6 for the last five years. I'm not so sure overall about this one. Two of my neighbours have A7s and I really like the hatch back feature which this one loses. That trunk looks about the same size as mine. The larger wheel base would be a benefit if you regularly had 4 passengers and a driver, something that rarely happens to me. Also, another neighbour has a A8L made in China and while more spacious, the quality, especially in the interior leather isn't quite there.

Where I really like the Audi is the Quattro drive which is a must where I live in the Winter. From and rear drives just don't cut it. The other huge advantage is that gorgeous interior which puts all others in a different category. Mind you, I'm biased.

All that said, Mazda, Nissan, Honda and Subaru give excellent value for money and and I have owned, and own these fine Japanese products.