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Christopher Moroni
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@bob-jackman Bob, I meant no offence. I was merely illustrating the fact that one day 9-11 will just be a chapter in history books much like Dec. 7, 1941 is now.  Within a few decades no longer will anyone one be able to convey firsthand accounts of that Japanese attack.

The fact that young people are apathetic toward or uneducated about the events and repercussions surrounding 9-11 are an entirely different matter that speaks to Jack's point.

To answer Jack correctly one must realize that this "dumbing down"  is a systemic. That is, this "dumbness"  feeds onto itself.  Dumb  schools, colleges and universities graduate dumb  students who then, become professionals who, in turn, educate, train, and instruct yet another dumb  generation, who then grow up and do the very same and so on and so on and so on. With each succeeding generation dumber  than the last, it's no mystery why certain actions/events, attitudes and perceptions have been allowed to foster over the last 35-40 years.

Look at it this way..... let's say your company has 50 employees, the top 10 are your very best but last Friday they all quit, taking their skill sets & knowledge with them. Now you fill those positions by promoting 10 employees. These new people are good but not as good as those 10 who quit. Your company is now, just a little bit "dumber."  

It will take true leadership, tremendous drive, honest commitments and just plain hard work to "right this dumb path"  that America is on but I'm afraid I may not see it in my lifetime. The blatant lack of concern, increased apathy and the motivations of those for whom all this is deemed acceptable  is simply beyond my scope. 

I just don't get it.

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Jack Dodds reacted
Geoff Jowett
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Even though 1000s of miles away my recollection too is vivid. I'd been working at the theatre and got home about 11.15 pm local Melbourne time, turned the TV on to watch something I'd recorded and live coverage came up. I saw the collapse of Tower 2 live. Dreadful, dreadful day for humanity. Later on in the day around 10.00 am I went to my local Uni gym and a fellow member was a visiting Special Services officer from Singapore, and yes, although from Singapore, all he wanted to do was "get over there and get the bastards" 

Jeff G
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I was at work on the 6th floor of the Federal Reserve bank building in Philadelphia on 9/11/01. My employer (architectural firm) took up the entire 6th floor. The Federal Reserve was one block away from the Federal courthouse and offices and the courthouse building was a much taller building than the bank. Around 8:30 my coworker in the cubicle next to me said "go on the internet, a plane just hit the WTC". In a matter of minutes most, if not all of my fellow employees were glued to their computer screens watching the events unfold. After the second tower collapsed, bank security started to tell everyone to evacuate the building and go home. I also remember the armed guards on the George Washington bridge that were on the pedestrian walkway when we went to my sister-in-laws in Connecticut for a few days at X-mas that year.

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