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Hot screen moulding

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Anyone making major changes to the body of a model vehicle may run into the problem that some pieces of the original glazing (often a rear window) no longer fit the altered body, and contriving a neat-fitting replacement can sometimes be a problem.

Since this Forum is a useful place for offering "How to" tips, I thought I would post an article about making new windows by hot moulding. I think I originally put this on the old Forum, but everything on there has long disappeared, so here it is again just in case it might be of interest to somebody. It is a little "wordy" because when I was teaching myself this technique I came across various little details which can make the difference between a decent result and a mess, so I wanted to spell them out to help avoid problems.

The file is a Word document and if you click it you should get a little box at the top of your screen showing the download is complete and giving an "Open file" option. Click that and it should open OK. It will then be automatically saved somewhere in your "Documents" or "Downloads" folders. And if you think it is a waste of space, there's always the recycle bin.


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Impressive method and documentation! 🙂 

David Green
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Excellent, Graeme. I missed this the first time but have now attached it to my files. This is well detailed guide. Thank you.

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A very good guide to this technique ! This can come in very useful.