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(PICS)Three large survivor models finally Photographed

Clifford Read
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My wife and I have been packing and arranging for a 'downsize move' and with all the packing of my toy and model rooms (2), I've finally been able to, again, get my hands on a few old models that were in cases, but in areas that were difficult to access.  The models are all large size.....a Monogram 1/8 scale Jaguar E-type,  A Monogram 1/8 scale '65 Corvette Stingray, and a Renwall 1/4 scale 'Visible Chassis'.  These models were all painted and built around 4 decades ago, and relatively inaccessible for about 20 years, but I've now been able to digitally photograph them.  Enjoy!

I'll Put pics of the Stingray in the Corvette column as well.

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Hi Cliff,

You are so lucky to still have those Monogram kits ! How lucky we were as kids to receive them as gifts growing up. They were the ULTIMATE. (IMO) model car kits along with the JoHan Chrysler Turbine Car model kit along with other IMC and MPC kits. 

Oh please, take me to the toy dept. at Woolworths again.....

David Green
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Hi Cliff,

It may be 40 years but these are in superb condition. I have the E-Type (black) both built and in kit still but like you have not got close enough to photograph.

I had the Corvette also but parted with it years ago. This is the first time that I have seen that Renwal chassis in years. Wasn't the V* an added purchase and not with the original kit?

These were fantastic kits and I remember how much enjoyment I had putting them together. Thank you for showing them here. I prefer your British Racing Green colour to my black one. Wish I'd picked that instead at the time.

Rick Scoville
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Cliff, hard to believe those are 40 years old!  And you had them buried away all those years.  Glad you located them, photographed them and posted them here.  Truly excellent work!

Ken Spear
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David: I believe that you are right. The engine was a separate purchase. Just a guess, but could this be a '55 Chev frame and 265 cu " engine? A resin 1955 Chev body would be perfect. I believe that one was made years ago in 1/4 scale for the RC market.

Frank Kocour
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You must have some kind of a collection of models!  These are beautiful.