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1957 Smokey Yunick Chevrolet By ACME Video Added.

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Here is my 1957 Chevrolet owned by Smokey Yunick and driven by Paul Goldsmith. This is not a bad model, the front seat backs tilt forward. Looks like this was a three on the tree as we used to call the manual column shifters. 


IMG 8466
IMG 8465


IMG 8467
IMG 8468


IMG 8469
IMG 8470

The rear trunk strap has to be unhooked to open the trunk but the trunk will not stay open on its own. 

IMG 8471
IMG 8472


IMG 8474
IMG 8473


IMG 8476
IMG 8475

Sadly when I received this one the fuel injection was not attached to the top of the intake and I had to reattach it. 

IMG 8477
IMG 8478

Be careful with the front hood strap because when you unhook it to open the hood it will lays flat on the grill and blends in making hard to see and find. 

IMG 8479
IMG 8480


IMG 8481
IMG 8482


IMG 8483
IMG 8484
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Video of 1957 Smokey Yunick Chevrolet. They made 930 of these. 


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This model is nice looking but I passed because it's really (at least by all accounts ) a replica of any one of the several 1:1 "tribute cars"  painted up like Smokey's 1957 Chevy. The 1957 black/gold Chevy that Smokey's actually raced at Daytona was a hardtop, not a 2-dr sedan.

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