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Rich Sufficool
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In the 1980s, if you wanted classic race cars of the '50s and '60s, if you could find them in the US, Jouef Evolution was your source for the 250, 330 and 412 series of Ferraris and even the GT40 Mklls. They produced a full range of scales from 1/43 to 1/24 to 1/18. Ironically, the best detailed and highest parts count were in the smaller scales were engines were wired and full glazing was given. The bodies exhibited the primitive casting methods of that era. The parts were well chased and finished, but as in this 250 GTO LM, the roof casting left a pretty significant seam with the C pillar and never met the A pillar with the gap filled sloppily with solder. Also there's no side glass on these 1/18s. The wire wheels on the model are not bad so a bit of black wash on them gave the appearance of scale I did a bit of paint and BMF'd headlamp bezels. This model is liveried as a North American Race Team entry with those cute red and green bubble lamps on the roof. I also loved the look of the side exhausts. I was kinda guessing this #27 model represented the 1965 Le Mans winning NART entry. The only problem with this is the NART car was #21 and the #27 car was the 6th place Scuderia Filipietti entry. SO if there's more to the story besides an error, I can't find any more info. At any rate the model does represent one of 32 built and because Ferrari didn't build the 50 needed for homologation, it had to run a tough field of prototypes including the GT40 and still pull out a win.

This Jouef is definitely not in the Exoto/CMC class but I love the design and still display it proudly.

250GTOLM 003 001
250GTOLM 007 001
250GTOLM 002 002
250GTOLM 040 002
250GTOLM 012 001
250GTOLM 023
250GTOLM 018
250GTOLM 015 001
250GTOLM 044
250GTOLM 013
250GTOLM 025
250GTOLM 020
250GTOLM 005


Mike DeTorrice
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You like it and this one looks good ..... that's all that counts ! Jouef did a fine job ....and this one must pop on any replica display.

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Its pretty hard to believe this model is as old as it is, though maybe its the improvements you've made.  It looks way better than Bburagos from the same time period.

David Green
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Jouef filled a gap which I greatly appreciated at the time. I still have a significant number of their 1/43 race cars but have parted with the larger ones. Thanks for this informative post, Rich.

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Christopher Moroni
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Rich, the combination of your excellent photography skills and detail enhancements significantly help to give this model a "high dollar"  look. 😎 😎