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Gaspar Was a Gas... [PIC]

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Gaspar "Gas" Ronda was an aspiring drag racer and Ford guy. At the beginning of the 60s he was a salesman for Newtell's Downtown Ford in Los Angeles and having raced Corvettes and 409s in the late 50s decided to go Ford. In 1960, he ran a Skyliner with a 352. He then moved up to Super Stock with a '62 Galaxy 406. He then changed to a 427 in a '63 Galaxy and although he loved the performance, it was just too overweight. He had been working with engine builder, Les Ritchey in Covina so he moved his job to Russ Davis Ford in Covina. Ford had managed to sell 50 427 Fairlane Thunderbolts for homologation so they could be run in S/S rather than A/FX. For a year Ronda's T-Bolt that he painted "bright poppy red" ruled the roost starting with the '64 Winternationals. He later became a driver for the Bill Waters factory team team as well. The Thunderbolt era ended when he got his hands on the new SOHC 427"Cammer" in a '65 Mustang and then ran A/FX. As much success that he had with the Thunderbolts, he said that Mustang was the most fun to drive.

This ERTL "Authentics" model of his T-Bolt was quite a surprise back when it was first released for its build quality and parts count. I always get a kick opening the trunk to see the spring supports for the back seats... you don't see that everyday.

64TBolt 032
64TBolt 024 001
64TBolt 031 001
64TBolt 008 002
64TBolt 007
64TBolt 028 001
64TBolt 019
64TBolt 006
64TBolt 003
64TBolt 001
64TBolt 002 001
64TBolt 005 001
64TBolt 004
64TBolt 023 001
64TBolt 020
64TBolt 014


Marty Johnson
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Without a doubt a very underrated but extraordinary model.  I just love it!  

Christopher Moroni
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Yep! All these PM Thunderbolts are (were) fabulous! From the opening glovebox & the hanging car keys to the rear seat springs seen in the trunk, not to mention the connected driveline that turns the fan. Great models of an awesome car.