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GMP Don Garlits Swamp Rat VIII Dragster (Photos)

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This is Don Garlits Swamp Rat VIII, it was the first Swamp Rat powered by the Chrysler 426 Hemi, Don was using the same tuning on the new 426 Hemi that he had used on the old no longer in production 392 Hemi and the 426 Hemi was not responding to the tunes. Don was at the point where he did not think the 426 was going to be as good as the old 392 Hemi was so he decided to blow up the 426 Hemi and switch back to the 392 Hemi, Don advanced the timing to 40 degrees and the 426 really responded with a 214 MPH run, they pulled the oil pan and everything looked great so they buttoned it back up and advanced the timing to 50 degrees and the car ran 219 MPH. That is when Don Garlits found out the 426 Hemi on Nitro likes a lot more timing than the old 392 Hemi could handle. 


A1F3C3D0 92A8 4BDE A757 41A629DD42C7
DFC905D9 785E 4340 88AC 3A88E9067A36


217071E4 D92F 4915 962F 6058269FDAC7
8F6FB66F 1D82 43F6 AA9B 210AD8CD8CCB


0BD2E029 8076 4149 B3AC C7B2CA3360AE
575A8277 A57C 43A5 8EED E0194883A56F


79C0390C 7E71 41AC BD82 FF11BC3AC918
C3B5166F AD6D 473A 8378 B0D48967583D


4883FF36 665E 4A51 872C 186A3CC404D2
6D0C76C3 9B1A 477E BD9E AC4388FBA74C


E2F35532 8E56 4C57 A9F2 352ED02A496A
6328F505 0B22 45D7 9C9C 59800856E4AC 1 201 a

The last photo is the Don Garlits Exhibit showing Swamp Rat 1, Swamp Rat III, Swamp Rat VII and Swamp Rat VIII.  


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These are so nice. I actually have a rare prototype (one of six?) of a 1/18 1957 SR 1 in black chrome; it's really sharp but I prefer the "stock" version.