Le Cage au l'Oiseau...
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Le Cage au l'Oiseau... [PIC]

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I hope that's French for bird cage. Anyway, in 1958, the Orsini family gave Guilio Alfieri free rain to design a more competitive racing car for Maserati. His novel approach was to weld 200 small steel tubes together to create a lightweight cage-like structure and to satisfy American racing teams looking to compete in the 3 liter class. a larger 4 cylinder of 2890cc replaced the original 2.0 liter and the type 61 was born. Early results with Carroll Shelby driving showed the car to have reliability issues although while working, it was handily beating the Ferraris. After a slew of DNFs, it did win the 1000km of Nurburgring in 1960 and 1961.

Birdcage 003
Birdcage 022
Birdcage 024
Birdcage 001
Birdcage 026
Birdcage 027
Birdcage 007
Birdcage 008
Birdcage 018
Birdcage 005
Birdcage 015
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Birdcage 012
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Birdcage 028
Birdcage 004
Birdcage 021
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Birdcage 034


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The cowboy hat on the dashboard is a nice touch.  I didn't know.  


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my favorite Minichamps model.  I have the 1960 USAC Riverside GP Winner, driven by Bill Krause, but I always loved your Shelby version.

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I was always partial to the Moss/Gurney Tipo 61 and the CMC model is a bit more detailed but they look great side by side on my shelves.

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IMG 1247

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