Light Weathering......
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Light Weathering.... [PIC]

Rich Sufficool
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I love DM's venerable (1994) WWll era Jeep. They poured an unusual amount of detail and features into this model at a time when they were still lagging behind FM in the quality of their 1/24 lineup. I love the cloth top up feature, the cloth covered seats and the detailing of the 30 cal M1919 machine gun with its quick change barrel. The back seat folds up providing a platform for a gunner revealing a tire pump and when folded done reveals a tire iron. I limited weathering to red clay dust (pastels) and the scuffing of paint finishes (SNJ Metallizer) to give the illusion of use and a more metallic look to parts like the gas can. I gave the undercarriage a greasy dirty look. I used a bit of paint on the shovel and ax to also show some use. I also have the Aa version which is configured as a radio scout car with a 50 cal gun. It's also well done (if anyone wants to see it).

DMJeep 001 001
DMJeep 018
DMJeep 002
DMJeep 004 001
DMJeep 019
DMJeep 021
DMJeep 009
DMJeep 011
DMJeep 013
DMJeep 012
DMJeep 005 001
DMJeep 006 001
DMJeep 014
DMJeep 024
DMJeep 029
DMJeep 027
DMJeep 025


Christopher Moroni
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Looks great to me!

john barry
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Your work and photography on this piece are stunning ! wield a mean paintbrush 😎 

Please add my name to those wishing to see the Aa version .......

Bob Jackman
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Fabulous job weathering Rich.

Mike DeTorrice
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Excellent weathering on this terrific Jeep replica.