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John Kuvakas
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One of our lightly used forums has been repurposed for new content and is now called "Model-Related Handicrafts". Please post your custom builds, reworks, repaints, modified models, dioramas, and anything you feel has been given loving care and/or detailing attention. It is also a place where you can post how-tos, ask questions about paint and detailing techniques, tips for modelers and detailers, resources for supplies and tools, etc. All scales are appropriate. Standard forum guidelines apply. Enjoy! It's a hobby! We should be having fun!

I've posted a few articles to give you some ideas. But they're just thought starters. Be creative!

John Kuvakas
Warrenton, VA

Christopher Moroni
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GREAT! I'll be there! 😎 😀 

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Excellent new forum. I haven't built any models since I was in my early 20's (damn, that's almost 50 years ago), but I enjoy keeping up on the latest trends and techniques being used.