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Watcha Gonna DO When the SubarU Comes For U?... [PIC]

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STI (Subaru Tecnica International) is Subaru's in house tuning facility that has produced winning rally cars since 1988 garnering multiple WRC championships and class wins at the Nurburgring. In 1994, the 4 wheel drive Impreza WRX STI replaced the Legacy STI as their flagship Rally/Sports sedan. In a short period of time, they released this 307 hp police edition for use in Japan. With the Impreza's performance cred, the Impreza WRX STI was then opened for international sales. France immediately replaces their Peugeot interceptors with the Subaru and it wasn't long before other European countries followed suit. While spreading throughout Asia and surprisingly Australia, Subaru gifted (although it turned out to be a loan) an STI to a Chicago suburb town all dolled up with full body graphics and the officers couldn't wait to get their turn to take it on the road. As basically a high performance rally car, its all weather capabilities, handling and power was just what the police ordered. This AUTOart model was released in 2006, and unlike other Japanese police cars, I am unable to identify what prefecture is written on the side. Note the Subaru badge on the grill is replaced by the 16 petal chrysanthemum national seal.

SubaruPolice 001 001
SubaruPolice 003 001
SubaruPolice 004 002
SubaruPolice 047 001
SubaruPolice 045
SubaruPolice 023
SubaruPolice 046 001
SubaruPolice 025
SubaruPolice 035
SubaruPolice 006 001
SubaruPolice 019 001
SubaruPolice 021 001
SubaruPolice 027
SubaruPolice 037
SubaruPolice 031 001
SubaruPolice 018 001
SubaruPolice 042


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A really nice and well-detailed model of this Subaru ! The Japanese police will certainly get their man (or woman) with this automobile.

A big Subaru distribution plant is located near by Chicagoland in Indiana.

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Nice model by AutoArt.  Cool to see all the detail changes over the street & WRC versions.

Big fan of the Subaru WRX & STIs.  We have an '06 WRX that we bought new.  Just over 92K miles & its my wife's daily driver.

all models by AutoArt