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What Constitutes a "Pullman"

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Rich Sufficool
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This 1935 Horch 851 is designated a "Pullman", and that name attached to a car always intrigued me. Sure, the Pullman company made automobiles from the turn of the century to 1913. They made the railroad "Pullman cars" until 1968. Those were fairly luxe"sleeper cars". It seems that high end European cars use that moniker for their long wheel base luxury cars that are neither sleepers nor have anything to do with the Pullman Company but rather the image that the Pullman name conjures in Europe.

This model by Ricko replicates the flagship of both Horch and its parent corporation, AutoUnion, in Moss Green.

Limos 022
Limos 024
Limos 025
Limos 041
Limos 058
Limos 032
Limos 036
Limos 056
Limos 026
Limos 037
Limos 029
Limos 030
Limos 044
Limos 046


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Christopher Moroni
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Nicely photographed Rich. That color "fits," and the name "Pullman," used to make wonder too. 🤔 

Bob Jackman
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Neat looking model and wonderful pictures The first time I heard the term Pullman as it applied to automobiles, was the Mercedes 600.

David Green
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Nice explanation Rich and beautiful pictures of another fine model. Thank you once again.