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a very special encore presentation of a Betty Bibs after school special

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john barry
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Our story today takes place in one of the "STAN" countries....the one with the sand


Betty Bibbs,along with her ever present companion Brenda,are doing the groundwork for yet another smuggling relocation operation.They are meeting today with representatives from several supply-side providers in hopes of buying a FLEET of untraceable trucks. Attorneys and protection are all present and attentive.All except for Betty & Brenda,who are flat bored by all this cloak and dagger nonsense.They take the opportunity to clean out the ol` DM `56 Ford truck bed before the next sandstorm riles itself up.They find their old hound Elizabeth huddled under a good 3" of sand.Truthfully,they had both forgotten bringing her along! Elizabeth,to her credit,seems OK with it.

Chaco Vocallo,resident Jefe, keeps his distance from the assembled "council",letting his son Chaco Vocallo II get a feel for the negotiating process. He also wants to keep a close eye on his restored classic FM `34 Chrysler Airflow. Chac`doesn`t entirely trust the goofball washing his windows and is considering asking the guy where he gets those WEIRD pants !! His youngest,Chaco VII is practicing his tagging on one of the the crazy eye lady`s trucks.Good for a kid to have a trade to fall back on.

whole panolotopplp

sandistan 01
sandistan 02
sandistan 03
sandistan 04
sandistan 05
sandistan 06
sandistan 07
sandistan 08

brenda wins2

Brendascars 01
Brendascars 02
Brendascars 03
Brendascars 04
Brendascars 05
Brendascars 06

Brendascars 10
Brendascars 08
Brendascars 09

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Tony Perrone
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An awful lot to LOVE in that wide angle shot! The lighting and cars never looked better!

John Merritt
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A great bunch of shots. Fantastic array of characters and vehicles. As always, I love the trucks. 

John Merritt
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