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1954 Packard Pacific Convertible by Neo.

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1954 Packard Pacific Convertible

This is a rare car. Only two convertible was made by Packard in 1954, the Packard Pacific Convertible and the Packard Caribbean Convertible.  One of the model and nomenclature changes that occurred at Packard in its final years came in 1954, when the three premium models using Packard’s biggest straight-eight were given individual names based on their body styles. The two-door convertible with the 359-cu.in. engine thus became the Pacific, a one-year premium model produced to the tune of just 863 examples and the last to feature the company’s long admired straight eight power train.





The engine in the Pacific was Packard’s L-head straight-eight, displacing 359 cubic inches. With a compression ratio of 8.7:1, the engine received its fuel mixture via a Carter four-barrel carburetor and was rated by the manufacturer at 212 horsepower.
For 1954, Packard ranked 16th among American manufacturers and on October 1st of 1954, the Packard Company ended and the Studebaker-Packard Corporation officially came into existence, with its headquarters in Detroit.


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Bob Jackman
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The four-barrei carb on a straight engine was a rather unique feature of both the Pacific and the Caribbean.

John Merritt
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A very special Packard convertible. I have this as well as the three Pacific Hardtops NEO issued. I had hoped for more convertibles in other colors.

John Merritt
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Beautiful car and model.👍

Frank Reed
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David H
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I agree.  Here's mine, parked beside the Pacific hardtop coupe.

IMG 7831

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Moe Parr
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A beautiful model, I had it in my shopping cart on sale price at American Excellence a number of times but never went through with the purchase because I thought the color was too similar to the hardtop that I have. How do you spell "Regret"?

Barry Levittan
Long Island, NY