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‘58 Chevrolet Yeoman finished in Anniversary Gold/Honey Beige

David Knight
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This car was done by the late John White who did custom versions of Brooklin Models. I purchased this Texas car from its former owner (Rick Thompson) so it is a rust free well cared for rare car just as pristine Yeoman wagons are rare.  This is the car’s first time on the Vineyard. The model accurately replicates the actual car as these pictures illustrate.

E09D4140 BCB1 4CA7 9BEF 93827606CD87
393794C2 8A23 4528 A37A 1E74DC3A018B
A69FCD05 1C03 43B7 AA36 1705948EAA4E
79A5D597 51E4 4C38 B552 0D03C6AC4EAA
F5205974 7BBB 4062 9F07 C6805D3BA3C3
B11C6F2E 5E63 4730 B94C 8E069CE5AEBD
9922C589 7167 4914 98B9 FC7C8D714ECF
438FD7B1 FE85 4E93 8F4F D3814448641D
236B4CBE 2547 4DA9 8704 B1F82578A0D8






David Knight
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Mark Lampariello
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Great job.  The styling sure is perfect for a two tone.  So the Yeoman had brightwork surrounding the tailgate window, as well as the peaks of the rear quarter panels, extending around the single tail light.  I never noticed that before.  But I still prefer the solid blue with BW tires.

Jack Dodds
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This color comb looks great!

Bob Jackman
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John White was truly an artist.