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A little Road Champ Ford

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David Holcombe
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Galen55,  I like your Ford pickup, as it's one I remember from years back.  Here's a similar '53, made by Auto Buff, most likely in the late 70's and/or early 80's.  Auto Buff made only Fords.

IMG 9143
IMG 9147
IMG 9145

  Thanks for your good post.    David H

John Quilter
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I took one of these 1956 Ford pickups, cut the bed off and scratch built the purpose built telephone service body that AT & T used for decades.  Then,  with the left over bed created a utility trailer for the Western Ford Ranchero.  Never have anything go to waste.

1956 Ford AT&T truck #2
1956 Ford AT&T truck




John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA