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Diecast for today 10/13.21 - Tomica Honda City Turbo with Motocompo minibike

Harv Goranson
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Seeing the 1:1 at the Lane Museum last Saturday reminded me that I have the 1:43 from the Tomica Dandy series. The Honda City Turbo was sold with this optional accessory to allow commuters in dense areas like Tokyo to park at a garage and motor off to their office building quickly. I just saw a Motocompo alone go for $5600 on Bring-a-Trailer! An innovative diecast - the little bike sits neatly inside once the handlebars are folded. 

Tomica 021c Honda City
Honda City Turbo 1984 with Motocompo 10 9 21


David Green
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Auto Museum trips usually send me scurrying to my model collection. I see that you have the same 'affliction' Harv. Nice pairing!