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Diecast for today 10/23/21 - Rextoys Rolls Royce Phantom IV Chassis 4AF2

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Harv Goranson
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Daimler had been the automotive provider to the royal family almost since the beginning of motorcar travel. However, after the war Prince Phillip test drove the offerings from Bentley and decided the throne should consider a more sprightly-performing limousine for he and Princess Elizabeth. At that Rolls added momentum to their plans to update the Phantom series with the P.IV. The first one, 4AF2, was delivered in 1950 but remained in a Rolls Royce dealer's hands, painted dark green. Upon Elizabeth's ascension to the throne, it was formally acquired by the royal family, repainted in the royal colors, and used extensively for decades (used most recently to deliver Meghan Markle to her wedding to Prince Harry). There was also a landaulet P.IV, but this one has been sold out of the royal mews. Initially intended as a one-off, eventually 18 Phantom IVs were built (many of which Rextoys modeled) - all went to royal families or heads of state. The Rextoys model is very nice for its time (early 1990s) and includes the appropriate radiator mascot. a dragon-slaying St. George.


Rextoys 36 Rolls Royce Phantom IV pic1
Rextoys 36 Rolls Royce Phantom IV pic2


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David Green
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Very Nice Rextoy model Harv. That St.George mascot is unique. I have several Royal Daimlers but not this Rolls. Thank you for the historic background which I had forgotten.

Keko Romero
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I have 4 Rextoys RR Phantom IV including the British Royal Limousine and the Spanish one...



Keko Romero Sánchez
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