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From My Collection... '59 Imperial

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John Merritt
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1959 Imperial Crown Convertible - LE #01 of 60 in Spanish Silver by GLM/Tom Dirnberger Exclusive

1959 Imperial Crown Cnv SO0
1959 Imperial Crown Cnv SO1
1959 Imperial Crown Cnv SO4
1959 Imperial Crown Cnv SO5
1959 Imperial Crown Cnv SO6
1959 Imperial Crown Cnv SO7

here's the closed convertible version I posted before, same color #22 of 60

1959 Imperial Crown Conv SC0
1959 Imperial Crown Conv SC1
1959 Imperial Crown Conv SC4
1959 Imperial Crown Conv SC5
1959 Imperial Crown Conv SC6
1959 Imperial Crown Conv SC7

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

Mike DeTorrice
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Of course, you need to have all of them but this one is not the most attractive because the trim is the same color as the body. GLM should really come back to chrome trim on their latest models. I don't understand why they don't stand up anymore about these details quality to Goldvarg and Automodello. 

I like the upcoming GLM and Stamp images they bring in the 1/43 scale but the downgrading of the trim being silver instead of chrome is a big disappointment and the models don't shine anymore as they used to be while displayed

Harv Goranson
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@nickies Totally agree. The GLMs are so nice otherwise why scrimp on the chrome.

Keko Romero
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Really smart color combo!! 

Keko Romero Sánchez
Cádiz, Spain

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