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From My Collection... Very new arrival

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John Merritt
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This little gem arrived yesterday, as with a couple of others, this model comes from Jack Dodds. I am really looking forward to a '56 Pontiac sedan in a very pleasing color combination, and of course the '41 Pontiac in black/gray that should pair nicely with the new '46. 

1954 Mercury Monterey Hardtop Coupe in Country Club Tan & Bittersweet. This model was crafted by John White

1954 Mercury Monterey Hd T0
1954 Mercury Monterey Hd T1
1954 Mercury Monterey Hd T4
1954 Mercury Monterey Hd T5
1954 Mercury Monterey Hd T6
1954 Mercury Monterey Hd T7

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

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Jack Dodds
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It's so nice to see these models enhanced so well; especially in the correct factory colors.

Bob Jackman
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@jack-dodds Looks great.

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Moe Parr
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John, a beautiful model of a beautiful car in a fantastic color combo!

Barry Levittan
Long Island, NY

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