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Gearbox for Apr from Tom Ciryak

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Interesting articles as always. I really enjoy this feature. Please continue to post Tom and JK. Thank you.

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Posted by: @jkuvakas

Good article on the MG1100.  The only correction I would make is that in the USA both the two door and four door MG1100 were sold.  Not sure what the split was.   In 1967 there was a change in the product range, the MG1100 for a short period received the 1275cc engine with twin carbs and there was a very basic Austin 1100 with the 1098cc engine and the AP 4 speed automatic was an option. This was only for less than one model year and in 1968 the Austin America was launched which was a single carb 1275cc engine, new four speed full syncho gearbox or optional AP automatic. All of these cars were two door versions. 

Austin America, owned since 1971.

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I too had a AUSTIN AMERICA, probably a 1968…in 1973… little car…☺️
interesting reading there on the Corvette lineage!

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