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Had a nice long conversation with Bob Hooper today.

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Harv Goranson
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He's doing quite well and focused on getting his home sold so he can downsize. I picked up a few old diecasts that he had on ebay. He promises the Dominion website will be back up once he's resettled, but for now all sales are routed through the 'bay.

As you know I am collecting info on the history of Motor City and its sub-ranges for inclusion on hobbydb. We talked a lot about this and he offered to help with any questions I come up with. Since Dominion started in 1990, and I think I have all the newsletters Dominion put out since then, I hope to track down the intro dates of models and variations that way.

We also talked about all the collectors we've known over the years and how many we have lost.


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Ed Glorius
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I don't remember his ebay handle. Would you be so kind as to remind me?

Retired in Dunedin, Florida.

John Sharisky
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John Sharisky
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David Knight
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That’s really good news about Bob Hooper.  It has always been a pleasure to buy models from him. I always ordered by phone and we often had great conversations about the model or about Brooklins in general. His customer care was terrific and I look forward to when he is back in business. Hope all goes well with the sale of his house and his down sizing.

David Knight
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