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Masterpiece Mondey: Brooklin's Wildcat Detailed by Chuck Rose

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Mark Lampariello
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A single dark color of Shadow Turquoise sets off the added foil trim and suits the sleek body styling. Members have already noted how well Brooklin's casting captured this flowing design. Chuck removed ridges representing seams in the vinyl roof option. The light, contrasting "Dove" interior of ivory and brown is beautifully done. The light color make all that detailing easy to see and enjoy. 

Wildcat Place of Honor (2)
wildcat angle indoor (2)
Wildcat interior 3 (2)
Wildcat interior 3 (2)
Wildcat side rear above (2)
Wildcat outdoor best (2)


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John Kuvakas
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That looks amazing. Chuck does some really good work!

John Kuvakas
Warrenton, VA

Moe Parr
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Gorgeous, Mark!

When I look at my display shelf, the '67 Wildcat always catches my eye. Such a sleek, stunning design that Brooklin captured so well!

Barry Levittan
Long Island, NY

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Ed Glorius
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I have the standard champagne single tone, and to me it looks better than the two door. Really love them both though.

Retired in Dunedin, Florida.

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Thank you Mark and John for posting and to all that responded. Chuck

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