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More Zagato - Aston vs. Alfa

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Karl Schnelle
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After John showed us his videos of some SMTS models being sold on the Brooklin website, I obtained one of them. This was back in December.  It's taken me a while to get these posted for some reason!  Both are 1/43rd white metal and made under the same umbrella company, so I thought a quick comparison would be appropriate. 

Zagato 2x Alfa Aston 1
Zagato 2x Alfa Aston 2

SMTS Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato - 25 were produced from 1960-3. Ercole Spada designed the lightened body at Zagato.  The same 3.7L, 6-cylinder engine was used as in the 'normal' DB4GT. 

Brooklin Alfa Romeo TZ2 (Tubulare Zagato) - 12 were made between 1964 and 65 using a race-prepared 1.6L engine!  Spada also designed this body, must have been right after the Aston.   It had several class wins at Monza, Sebring, Targa Florio, etc.  This Alfa was a lightened version of the TZ and was only 1 meter tall (40 in), 10 inches lower than the DB4GT! Of course, the Alfa engine was also half the size...

SMTS Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato
Brooklin 1965 Giulia TZ2

It should be easy to compare the 1/43 scale models, but they are still different enough.  Both are heavy but the larger DB4GT definitely shows that it is the big brother here. The wheels and rubber tires are larger and it has a separate exhaust system; the tires on the little Alfa interestingly seem to be cast metal.  Both look good, but the wires on the Aston are a winner..  The Aston has silver window surrounds but the Alfa is black painted; both look prototypical.

The boxes are very different:  SMTS uses the old style handbuilt style box - simple cardboard with model wrapped in a plastic bag. The Brooklin uses their lift-out style box with enclosed pamphlet.  The metal-flake green paint on the Aston is just terrific - well done SMTS!

Zagato 2x Alfa Aston boxes
Zagato 2x Alfa Aston

I've seen the TZ2 in a museum but never the DB4GT, so I can't really judge which one is a better representation of their 'look and feel'.  What do you think?

TZ2 on the right:

20180519 120622



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David Green
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Nice review Karl. I have the SMTS Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato in both red and metallic dark green and have to agree that they are well built models. I got them before they joined with Brooklin but they used the same white box as now. I wish that I had the Alfa also but most of my Italian non-Ferrari cars are pre-war.

Harv Goranson
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Here are some diecast versions of each. The Alfa is by Minichamps (vinyl tires Karl) and the Astons are by Vitesse. I used a few photos of the Astons that I did not use on my recent 1961 Le Mans update.

Minichamps 403 651203 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 pic1
Minichamps 403 651203 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 pic2
Minichamps 403 651203 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 pic3
Vitesse VCC99001 Aston Martin Zagato LM61 No. 1 pic2
Vitesse VCC99043 Aston Martin Zagato LM61 No. 2 pic3

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Karl, your SMTS Aston is similar to the Vitesse versions of a gorgeous, gorgeous vehicle. I use plural because the one I call the 1962 Vitesse is like the SMTS, but a Vitesse I call 1961 I prefer because of the treatment of the fender flares. Scrolling through the Google images, I find none showing flares on the rear and only a hint of one on the front. This would be the way the "1961" Vitesse is styled. The treatment of the opening on the front fenders of both Vitesses differs from that of the SMTS; this probably varied among the 20 1:1's made. The Vitesses looked a little small when I put them among other 1:43 Aston Martins, and, sure enough, they are about 1:46.


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Ed Davis
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Karl, thanks for the review.  I bought the Aston-Martin DB5 from SMTS late last year.  It is also well done, and I especially like the wire wheels and metallic blue paint.

Ed Davis
Inverness, Illinois, USA

Mike DeTorrice
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Karl, extremely nice automobiles and a fine comparison of the two.