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Availability of smaller scale diecast models and my recent peg hunting experiences

Chris Sweetman
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Since late April 2021 in England the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have been modified to allow more freedom.

From this period I have been out peg hunting in British Supermarkets and the one remaining toyshop chain. Also, I have been watching peg hunting videos on YouTube mainly recorded by North American chaps. What I have noticed is the amazing amount of variety available in North American bargain stores regarding small scale diecast vehicles when compared with my peg hunting excursions on the east side of the pond.

Overwhelmingly, there are Hot Wheels, but even here there have been cases where there is a limited supply and it is a bit of a hit an miss as to the amount of models available. At only one store was I able to find Matchbox models. True most stores have budget versions of small scale models but even these are limited.

Watching peg hunting videos from North America and not only are there vast displays of Hot Wheels but Matchbox, Majorette, M2, Tomica etc...

Also, regarding Hot Wheels the Premium ranges are stocked alongside the Mainlines!

All in all I find it an interesting contrast.