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Lesney Matchbox No.53a Aston Martin DB 2/4

David Green
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Lesney Matchbox No.53a Aston Martin DB 2/4

This model first came out in 1958 in silver with grey metal wheels and no interior. This issue is extremely rare.
Founder of Lesney, Jack Odell probably pushed issue of this model as he had a full size Aston Martin DB2/4 mark 1.
After a brief time, the model was issued in light metallic green. Trim was in silver with red tail lights. The base was initially flat black but later changer to gloss black. The initial flat black based issue is shown here. The earliest versions had crimped axles 9 as shown here) which later were rounded.




Jack Odell had his Aston painted red and the Lesney model changed once again, this time to metallic red. This final issue came with a gloss black base and first grey plastic wheels, then black ones. This 3rd version was replaced in 1963 with a Mercedes Benz 220SE.
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All issues in mint condition are now expensive but the silver is very pricey with the metallic red somewhat less so. The light green with the flat black base and crimped wheels is the next most scarce. 

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I have the green one and the red one.  Green is my favorite.