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Matchbox Superfast No. 11/75 Chrysler Atlantic

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Matchbox Superfast No. 11/75 Chrysler Atlanti

Matchbox issues this Chrysler concept car in 5 versions beginning in 1996. Shown here is the 4th version issued in 1998.
The First issue in 1996 was a promotional model in Metalflake Champagne with black plastic base, clear windows and tan interior. This one had special wheels with Goodyear on the tires and a chrome hub.  On the side was a label saying April 12, 1996, Matchbox and ‘’. It was made in Thailand.
s l1600
The Fourth issue was identical to the promotional model in all respects except the wheels which had a 5 spoke black and chrome hub with plain black tire and the model was enhanced by a flat black grill and a red taillight stripe. Made in Thailand.
1997 saw an issue in gold for the 75 Challenge Series with black interior, made in China.
1997 saw a tan USA No.11 and rest of world No.34, made in China.
1999 saw the final issue as part of the 1-75 Car Sows Series, N0.8 in metallic gold. This China model was issued only in the USA.
These three issues had the 5 spoke black and chrome wheels on plain black tires.
The Chrysler Atlantic appeared in a Premiere Collection in 1997 and as a No.19 and No.39 on cards also.


s l1600
Chrysler Atlantic package front
IMG 1112.JPG