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The best 4X4 by far Lone Star Land Rover

Chris Sweetman
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This tiny Land Rover was part of Lone Star’s Gulliver County series available for a short period starting in 1963. Even though it measures 28.5mm on the base is cast: * LONE STAR MADE IN ENGLAND The model comprises of a one piece zinc-alloy casting for the body, two metal axles and four metal wheels which actually turn - amazing on a toy of this scale and size.

Lone Star Gulliver County Land Rover 1

Some background information from the book ‘Lone Star Toys’ by Andrew G. Ralston Auto Review 15 published 1998 by Malvern House Publications:

‘The new scale of 000 was invented by Lone Star as a commercial venture, though the term had been used previously by model railway enthusiasts to denote half of 00 scale, or around 1:152nd.’ (page 16)

‘As well as the usual trackside accessories - signal box, station platform, bridges - Lone Star offered a range of scale buildings, the Gulliver County series, from 1963 onwards. There was also a set of tiny vehicles, consisting of a Citroen DS, a Land Rover, a single deck school bus, a fire engine and an Austin articulated flat truck. The accuracy of these is remarkable in spite of the minute dimensions of this series (the Land Rover is only 30mm long). Only available for a short time these models are quite difficult to find now.’ (page 17)

BTW the Land Rover actually measures 28.5mm

Lone Star Gulliver County Land Rover 3

As well as red I have seen models in green:

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and orange and dark blue -note this image also pictures the other Gulliver County series that were available:

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Lone Star Gulliver County Land Rover 2


David Green
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Chris. Thanks for another good article. You sure picked small this time. I still have Lone Star 000 railway pieces and do remember this Land Rover. I found images on a flat bed as shown below. One in black, the other in grey.

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I've only kept a few pieces as remembrance but at one time, I had a complete layout. I think N gauge in the USA is the same size.