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Frank Kocour
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Posted by: @bob-jackman

At our age my wife and I seem to be visiting  more and more doctors each year. We both carry flip phones when we leave the house but only have them in the event of an emergency. Sitting in waiting rooms frequently there is never a time when everyone there isn't on their smart phone. What are they doing? It absolutely amazes me that people are so willing to submit to a gadget and give up being a part of society. Oh well, back to being grumpy

Bob, I have to admit that one of the times when I really do appreciate a smart phone is when I'm sitting in a doctor's office waiting my turn.  I use the phone for entertainment to pass the time.

Not to beat a dead horse, but although I do have a cell phone I don't answer it - preferring to use it only for emergencies and gps purposes.  That being said I inadvertently left it at my son's home (a day trip away from me) at Thanksgiving and told him to bring it with him when he and his family come to our home for Christmas dinner.   (He questioned my sanity for my going without my phone for an extended period of time.)

Well, that plan sounded great until I discovered that when problems arise with some of my electronic conveniences the vendors make me go through a "two-step" process for I.D. verification.  They send me a secret expiring code via my cell phone.  Great idea if one has their phone handy . . . (Insert multiple swear words here.)

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Bob Kroupa
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I do not own a cell phone and never well!  I did carry one for years because part of the job.  Never charged it so of course never used it!  They took it back after 6 years but about a month later gave me a new one.  I accidently dropped it within 10 minutes and broke it so returned it.  They never gave me another!

Have a land line which I do not answer.  Answering machine takes all calls.  I do call back but not often.  

Jack Dodds
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@2bubbas Hahaha....very subtle!

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