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Video: Something different (2/23/2021)

John Bono
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Frank Kocour
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This is the car that brought me to Arizona from Cleveland Ohio when I was 18 years old, only mine was a DKW, a bit older and it was yellow.  Cool little two-cycle car, that had a bad crankshaft.  I couldn't go any faster than about 50 mph before the engine started to rattle and I had to cut the speed back.  Mix the oil with the gas.  Four speed on the column.  Made it all the way to LA where I delivered the car as a wedding present to the daughter of a doctor.

alan dinsmore
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Splendid views of a quirky little car.  Were't the first SAABs two cycles?

John Kuvakas
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@marmon16, yes, older Saabs were two cycles. Here are a few more videos


John Kuvakas