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1954 Chrysler Town &Country Station Wagons from GLM

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Arrived on March 15, the new 1/43 1954 Chrysler station wagons in five variations, three two-tones and two solid colors.

1003663B 0F0F 4C8D B144 611D0CD0279A
0B558BE6 7ECF 413B AA2B F8702E015B9E
3A64A868 4ABA 403E B633 D25CF9FBBD74

Here it is in Peacock Blue. Chrysler only offered two interior color choices this year, so I felt my exterior color choices were somewhat limited.

AB496345 3BBA 4436 AAB2 C05666D50A47
3F8B8C90 347E 4A4F 9296 800035BC164F

Here it is pictured in West Point Gray with blue interior. Please note this is a preproduction photo. Production models of this color have the deluxe hubcaps as seen on the Peacock model.

FEBD1946 5CA4 41D2 8D9D E3D91C02CA02
4A4B1FBC F37F 455D 9817 5E76A42E6C44
DCCD96F1 8A53 4C48 A025 387A813AA2D4

Photos of the Topaz Tan with Pebble Beige roof and brown and tan interior.

36B4269E D5C1 476B B0BB B6F03807E13C

Here is the model in Tahitian Tan with Cordovan Brown roof, again with brown and tan interior. Note this preproduction photo shows wire wheels. The production model has the deluxe hubcaps.

A475F2F7 C7A8 4ABC A635 A842BDD2AAE1
EDB1AA4A 9BB7 4339 A04D 80A72CA4E622
EBF2E7AD EBE7 4F8F B2C9 C6E5A3F07002
E33D5675 B299 47F0 AE58 8B23F7AA61C6

lastly, here is the Alpine Blue with Flagship Blue roof. This production model does have wire wheels.

These models are available from Tom at dirn44@gmail.com or Dale at dxd79@case.edu. Regular retail is $129. Forum readers may purchase for $119 each with free shipping in the US, by mentioning the Forum.

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John Merritt
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WOW again. These are gorgeous. I can't wait for mine to arrive. 

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

Randy Rusk
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@dirn So many great choices! I picked my two favorites in Chicago. That peacock blue really pops!

Moe Parr
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I ordered the Tahitian Tan wagon and the Golden Falcon hardtop. They'll display beautifully with my turquoise top-down convertible! Thanks Tom D.!

Barry Levittan
Long Island, NY

Jack Dodds
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I went with the Royal Crest Blue Metallic/Bahama Blue roof HT and the Tahitian Tan/Cordovan Brown roof wagon.  They will display nicely with my black TD convertible.  All colors are beautiful....it was a tough choice.

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Mike DeTorrice
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What beautiful '54 Chrysler station wagons, and in great colors.